Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hoarders don’t know they’re hurting animals

By John Grant Emeigh
Animal hoarding has its roots in other psychological disorders that mental health experts are continually trying to examine and treat.
Butte therapist Chris Quigley said this combination of disorders can “lead to a perfect storm for animal suffering.” While there are several theories, Quigley said experts tend to agree that animal hoarding can be related to those who are involved in possession hoarding. 
Animal hoarders also may be going through attachment disorder, which gives them an unhealthy connection to their pets. Quigley said the disorder can occur when a person experiences a traumatic loss, such as the death of a relative or a divorce. This can make a person become overly attached to a pet.
“These people are attempting to fill something that’s missing in their lives and they’re unable to fulfill that with a human relationship,” Quigley said. 
Animal hoarders also believe that they are rescuing or saving the animals. While the hoarder initially means no harm to the animals, Quigley explained that as the pet population increases, the animals begin to suffer. This includes living in unsanitary conditions, malnutrition and disease...."  More

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