Wednesday, September 15, 2010

United Animal Nations: Animals are innocent victims of hoarding

When volunteers with UAN’s Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) entered a home in eastern Montana on September 1, they found a ghastly scene.

Feces up to three feet thick covered floors and counters. Nearly 100 dogs were living there, and most had never set foot outside the house. Their owner had nothing more than the shirt on his back, literally. The dogs were loved, but had never received vet care and were highly unsocialized. They were frightened and unsure. Many seemed friendly, but would not allow anyone to touch them. They were victims of animal hoarding.

Hoarders often start out with good intentions to help animals, but become overwhelmed. They typically don’t recognize the deplorable and unsanitary living conditions around them.

Fortunately for the dogs in Montana , their owner realized he needed help and relinquished them to local authorities. The dogs spent several days at a temporary shelter, where EARS volunteers -- through patience and kindness -- helped them develop trust and overcome their fears. They were then transported to area shelters for continued socialization and eventual adoption..."

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