Thursday, September 2, 2010

In boxes, 28 cats dropped off at local animal shelter

An already overcrowded Scotia animal shelter is taking in 28 more cats after the animals were left in three cardboard moving boxes on the Animal Protective Foundation's doorstep in the stifling, 90-plus degree heat Wednesday.

All of the cats, who are believed to be related, are in better shape now than when they first came in.

"They were basically taped up like this and there were some air holes, but it was really hot today and the cats were in distress by the time we got them out of the boxes," APF Communications Director Marguerie Pearson told NEWS10.

Six of the cats in one moving box, the other 22 were divided between the other two. They were piled in by a landlord who had evicted the owner who had been hoarding the cats at a home in Schenectady.

The landlord never told the shelter staff they were out on the lawn. It was the cats' owner herself who showed up later and informed the shelter, surrendering the animals..." More

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