Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fire breaks out on property filled with junk and hazardous materials

By: Maile Tua'one

fire broke out on a Grantsville property filled with junk vehicles and hazardous materials. Authorities said no one was seriously injured but they have cited the man they believe started the fire. Fire crews said hoarding is partly to blame for the extensive damage. "This is the second time we've been out here in a month and it's a real problem," said Chief Pam Rowley.

John Beirman said the fire started while he was building a trailor. "I was just grinding and I didn't even know the grinder was throwing sparks," Beirman said. He said he tried to put the fire out but it spread to a dozen vehicles. Fire fighters said they are worried about exposure to hazardous materials. "Batteries, propane tanks, gasoline in these engines," Rowley said. "We also have coal burning at this point.".."

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