Sunday, September 26, 2010

Officers seize 78 cats from South Austin apartment


A lone cat was seen wandering outside a South Austin apartment Friday. Neighbors say the cat was left behind by police last week during an animal seizure. The sight does not begin to tell what they found inside of apartment. In addition to 52 cats, police say they found 26 cats dead, most stored inside an unplugged refrigerator.

“There was quite a surprise to find not just that many cats inside of an apartment, but that many deceased cats in a location,” Sgt. Stephen Fleming with Austin Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit says.

Neighbor Tanner Moehle says he and a neighbor had complained about the odor and influx of cats.

“Nobody had any idea. Nobody had any clue there were that many in there,” Moehle says. “It's just unbelievable. I mean, we thought that she had three, and we were concerned about that. We didn't want that many cats in an apartment. I mean, they were just sick. There was one where its nose was just completely falling off, just skin defects and just gross, yeah. It's a health hazard.” .." More


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this you believe everything you read and post? Also are you aware that if an article or news piece you post on your blog turns out to be false that you can also are committing libel and/or slander.

I was in that residence the day before and have signed an affidavit that the resident had been locked out for over a day by her property manager. The property manager even admits that was the case.

On top of that I can also say for a fact that there were not 26 dead cats in a fridge. Here is a good way to verify. Ask the APD to produce all the cats they are claiming were found and and whose deaths they are investigating. Just because the police have a picture doesn't mean anything unless you can produce the cats in question. It would be like taking a picture of a gun used in a murder but when its time for trial the DA can't produce the gun. Makes you scratch your head.

Be careful what you blog, accountability is a bitch.

gia said...

If there is any further articles contrary to this we will be happy to repost it here. Freedom of speech is also a bitch.