Friday, September 17, 2010

2010 Desert Paws Conference: Power & Action for Animals

October 9, 2010 - Newport Beach, California

Join Desert Paws for a fantastic gathering of animal advocates, lovers, caretakers, guardians & protectors.

Power and Action for Animals brings together nationally recognized leaders in the fields of animal rights, ethology, animal law, shelter management and adoption, animal rights education, and more, in a fast-paced one-day conference. Attendees will learn the most up to date information from the experts, with ample time for questions and discussion. Participants will enjoy a wide range of topics, including emotions and morality of animals, trends and challenges facing animal service facilities, animal fighting and its association with other illegal activities, the role of farmed animal sanctuaries, and much more.

Anyone who cares about the welfare of animals or who works with them will benefit by attending. Participants will gain inspiration and concrete tips on how to improve the lives of animals, both domestic and wild.

A vegan lunch and snacks are included. We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you at the Hyatt Regency in beautiful Newport Beach!


Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
(949) 729-1234

Featured Speakers:

  • Marc Bekoff, Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder -The emotional and moral lives of animals and why they matter
  • Dr. Elliot Katz, DVM, Founder and President of In Defense of Animals – Why using the term “guardian” is the beginning of a new paradigm in our relationship with other species.
  • Eric Sakach, Senior Law Enforcement Specialist, Humane Society of the United States -Animal fighting and the relationship to illegal activities such as violent crime, gambling, drugs, and gangs
  • Steve Hindi, Founder and President of SHARK - Rodeos and other organized forms of animal cruelty
  • Laura Allen, Founder and Executive Director of The Animal Law Coalition - The legal aspects of animal welfare
  • Patricia McEachern, Ph.D., Drury University – Dorothy Jo Barker Endowed Professor of Animal Rights. Director, Drury University Forum on Animal Rights - Development and implementation of an undergraduate curriculum in animal rights.
  • Robert Miller, Director, County of Riverside, Department of Animal Services - "BITING THE BUDGET BULLET: Local and national animal care and controls in an economic downturn. Trends and challenges. A look back in history and a projection forward of how to meet the needs of America's domesticated animal populations with ever-changing resources."
  • Lorri Houston, Co-Founder, Animal Acres - "Meeting our Farmed Animal Friends: The role of the farmed animal sanctuary movement."
  • Virginia Handley. Founder and Legislative Director, Paw PAC - The California Legislative Update
  • Eric Mills, Action for Animals - Charreadas (Mexican -style rodeos), live animal food markets, and rodeo legislation

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