Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animal Hoarding and the Adoption Question

By: Jen Blood

Over the weekend, a friend e-mailed me this
link posted by Kimi Peck, who has been under investigation numerous times for animal hoarding in southern California. Her questionable activities have been documented on a couple of different sites, most notably the website Save the Chihuahuas. Though the content of Ms. Peck's letter in general is a little, shall we say off-center, it was one comment in particular that caught my attention:

"One of Tufts University definitions of a hoarder
A hoarder doesn't adopt out animals. No one can take care of the animals better than they can."

I was actually unable to find anything on the
Tufts website stating explicitly that animal hoarders do not adopt animals out, though the ASPCA does stipulate that with so-called rescue hoarders, "Little effort is made to adopt animals out." ..." More

You can read more by Jen Blood on her blog Dogged Writer. Her blog covers many dog-centric topics, including her insights &
experiences an animal hoarder in: "Rescue Hoarding: Excert from Memoir, Cats in the Cradle and Bullies in the Belfry".

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