Thursday, September 2, 2010

SCRAPS: 50 Dogs Seized From Illegal Commercial Kennel

Today Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service activated the Humane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team to assist with the removal of approximately 50 dogs from an illegal commercial kennel in northern Spokane County.

"This was one of those situations that just seemed to get out of hand and the owner of the dogs agreed to relinquish them to SCRAPS as it was in the best interest of the animals," said Animal Protection Officer Ashley Brown.

The dogs are Labradoodles and a variety of small breed dogs. They were taken to the Spokane Humane Society to be housed, evaluated, spayed and neutered and then released for adoption. "We could not do our jobs without our wonderful partners HEART and the Spokane Humane Society, " stated SCRAPS Director Nancy Hill.

She continued, "right now SCRAPS is still dealing with the 39 dogs we seized in the beginning of August, leaving us with very few kennels."

This is one of the largest seizure of dogs in the history of SCRAPS..." More & video

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