Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Law Pitched to Block Animal Abusers from Re-adopting

Suffolk County lawmakers are getting ruff with animal abusers as they propose new initiatives for animal protection including a county registry that will keep animals away from abusers.

Pet owners, animal rights advocates and even animals gathered outside the Suffolk County Legislature in Hauppauge on Thursday to join Majority Leader Jon Cooper (D-Lloyd Harbor) at he unleashed several animal protection bills. The main component is a database known as the Animal Abuser Registry, which will include the names of people who have been convicted of harmful treatment and torture to animals. Additional legislation would restrict those on the registry from adopting animals and prevent shelters or pet stores from letting those on the registry take a new pet home.

All animal offenders will be on the database,” Cooper said. “I think this is information the public should be aware of.”

If the law passes, Suffolk County will be the first municipality in the nation to have an Animal Abuser Registry.

The bill will require pet stores and animal shelters to check an individual’s identify on the registry. If the shelters and pet stores do not follow the precautions they would face a fine for allowing an animal into the hands of a convicted animal abuser..." More

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