Monday, September 13, 2010

Shelter has gone to the dogs


Following a seizure of 17 dogs from an overcrowded house in Hailey, the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley is full to capacity and running a special on adoption prices.

"We do not have a single cage free," said Nadia Novik, the shelter's director of operations and veterinary technician.

Most of the animals seized on Thursday are in good health, Novik said, and ready to go straight up for adoption. According to Novik, the woman who owned the dogs acquired them from other shelters and from people who were giving up their pets.

“The woman had a soft spot and wanted to help animals who were homeless, and she just took in too many," Novick said. "It’s not an issue of cruelty, it’s an issue of being overwhelmed.”.." More

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