Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woman lived in room damaged by cat urine

by Mark Slavit

Boone County Animal Control Officers served a warrant and several summons to a woman for hoarding at least 25 cats in a Columbia motel room.

Authorities said the woman also put dead cats in the motel room’s freezer because she did not want to part with her pets, which is typical behavior of a hoarder.

The cats were taken from the Motel 6 on I-70 Drive Southeast to the Central Missouri Humane Society.

Cat urine and feces severely damaged the woman’s motel room. Animal Control Officers said they knew the woman was living with the cats in the motel room because of previous complaints over a period of several months.

The woman has not been arrested because authorities continue to gather evidence.

“I did issue her summonses there on the spot," Animal Control Officer Molly Sust said. "We’re currently waiting to find out rabies vaccinations and talk to her further. She is out. She did leave on her own. Whether she returns to the motel later, I don’t know.”.." More

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