Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animals seized from abusive situation on property in California Valley

By Bill Halter

Dozens of animals are in the Animal Services shelter or sheriff's custody after being rescued Friday from property in the California Valley. Investigators headed out to the property on Coutolance road after a tip that animals were not being cared for.

The owner of the property where the animals were seized is currently sick in a Los Angeles hospital. Two care takers who are not being named were looking after the animals that included dogs, cats, rabbits, goats and sheep. Deputies say some of the animals have been living in foul, feces ridden water. Who is responsible for the living conditions is currently unknown.

"Deputies from the rural crime task force responded and evaluated not only the sick animals but the carcasses of dead animals. Called animal services, they responded with their crew and we impounded a number of animals" says public information officer Rob Bryn.

Hundreds more animals are still quarantined on the property because the shelter couldn't possibly take them all in. Bryn says, "We impounded eight adult dogs, two puppies, a large number of cats and over 50-rabbits. Some of which survived the trip to the shelter, others did not." Andrea Liddie works for Animal Services and says, "It's not ideal the housing we can give them here but they are cleaned, their fed, their cared for, their being kept in healthy environments.".." More & video

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