Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Woman Charged With Animal Deaths Had Previous Complaints Against Her

By Andy Banker

The woman charged with keeping 27 cats and dogs locked in a hot car had been the subject of numerous complaints about animal abuse according to former neighbors. Neighbors of 39-year old Lori Pellin, had complained for months about the woman, who they say was keeping the animals in her apartment until smell became so bad that she was kicked out.

Pellin lived in south St. Louis at Loran and Jamison before getting evicted last week. Pellin is charged with animal abuse and the St. Charles Animal Control are housing 25 cats and a dog seized from her car, and now her neighbors are speaking out.

"Every 2-3 days there was a big smell in there. In the back it was worse. I guess is adds up, 25 cats, I guess that smell, it adds up." Said a neighbor..."
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