Saturday, June 19, 2010

Charles Perkins - Blout County, Tennessee

Jun 23, 2010: Some dogs rescued from Blount County property may have been stolen.

By Iva Butler

Some of the dogs rescued from dismal circumstances Friday night at a remote Wildwood Road residence may have owners.

Blount County Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSCPA) seized 20 dogs from the property.

Authorities have charged the property owner, Charles Arden Perkins, 63, with cruelty to animals...

...Anyone recognizing their pet can call BCSPCA President Vickey Dennis at 256-9106 or the shelter at 980-6244...""More & pictures

Jun 19, 2010: Case of animal ‘hoarding' results in arrest

By Mark Boxley

In a macabre scene that included skulls that had been hung in trees and remains of dogs — at least a dozen — left to rot on the metal roof of a small outbuilding on a heavily wooded piece of property on Wildwood Road in Maryville, 20 live animals were removed from the property and remains of 22 more were found.

Investigators expect to find more, with remains of as many as 100 dead dogs possibly left strewn across several acres, covered by leaves and thick wooded underbrush..." More & video (graphic)

Jun 18, 2010: Dozens of living and dead dogs found on Blount County property

Steve Butera

A Blount County man is behind bars, charged with animal cruelty.

Kellie Bachman, with the Blount County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), said they got a tip that took them to the home of Charles Perkins, 63, on Wildwood Road, back in January. At that time, Perkins had 30 dogs on his property. Perkins agreed then to reduce the number of animals to four, which he did, for a while.

Then on Tuesday, Bachman said one of Perkin's dogs ran into the road and was hit by a car. When animal control officers came to assist, the dog ran back on to the property. The officers followed, and discovered a number of living and deceased dogs.

"The animals had collars that were too tight and embedded. They were tied to small leads and confined into a small area," said Bachman.

The SPCA obtained a search warrant and served it Friday afternoon. Officials found and removed around 20 live dogs, and found the bodies of 20 dead dogs. They also discovered the skeletal remains of other dogs. They estimate that number could reach 100 by the time they check the entire property.

The surviving dogs are being removed and taken to the Blount County Animal Center for evaluation and treatment.

"(We'll) go ahead and start cataloging the live animals to get them to a shelter for some relief and get them off the property," said Bachman.

Perkins surrendered the dogs, and was arrested.

Bachman also says a white Dodge Ram pickup truck spotted on the property matches the description of a vehicle seen in areas where dogs have gone missing..." More & video

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