Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Volunteer group helps remove more than 100 cats from area home

By Tiffany Pelt

A local volunteer group is helping a woman housing more than a hundred cats and kittens beat her addiction to hoarding.

The woman with the addiction reached out to the Humane Society of West Texas for help. "It's a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She sees them as her pets, she loves them, and there's just something inside her that won't let them go," said Ashlee West, Humane Society foster mother.

Volunteers said the woman is seeking therapy and trying to get her life back in order. Little by little volunteers are taking the cats and kittens from her home and nursing them back to health before putting them up for adoption.

The volunteers have already picked up about 60 kittens, but many of them are dying. "There's a lot of inbreeding, so a lot of times their body will keep growing and their insides, their kidneys and they're heart and stuff, just can't sustain the grown. They just die," said Charlotte Marricle, Humane Society foster mother.

Nearly 65% of the kittens have died, many of them stillborn. "All of these cats have large litters anywhere from eight to ten kittens. About two to four out of each litter make it, and it's because of inbreeding, birth defects, and all different kinds of illness," said West...." More & video

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