Wednesday, June 23, 2010

85 Dogs Removed From Hoarder

The ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response Team was deployed to Waynesboro, Tenn., on June 17 to assist the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department with a critical hoarding intervention.

A total of 85 dogs—including German Shepherds, Labradors and Hound mixes—were discovered in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions on a property owned by an elderly man. The dogs were contained in large pens, chained to posts throughout the yard and found roaming the property.

“The dumping of dogs is a serious problem throughout this area and local authorities are without the resources or infrastructure to handle the problem,” says Kyle Held, the ASPCA’s Midwest Regional Director of Field Investigations and Response. “In this case, an elderly man became overwhelmed by the number of dogs in his care—he obviously needed help and voluntarily gave us custody of the animals.”

Twelve of the rescued dogs have since been moved—via the ASPCA’s new, custom-built animal transport trailer—to the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in New York City where they are undergoing medical treatment before being made available for adoption.

“Many of the dogs tested heartworm positive,” says Dr. Robert Reisman, Medical Coordinator of Abuse Cases at the ASPCA. “Heartworm is a treatable condition, but it will take at least six to eight weeks until the treatment is complete.”..." More

More info & pictures on the ASPCA site: here

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