Friday, June 18, 2010

Pet hoarding in the Twin Cities a growing problem

By Emily Kaiser

Molly grew up in the home of an animal hoarder. When she was six years old, she watched her mother's love for dogs spiral out of control. Each dog she added to the home was another she didn't have the means to care for.

"She loved her dogs more than me," says Molly, who asked that she remain anonymous. "She let her alcoholism get in the way of taking care of her dogs. I got so frustrated that I didn't want to deal with it anymore."

Last year, Molly called the Animal Humane Society to report her 47-year-old mom. When authorities entered the Anoka County residence in June 2009, many of the 20 dogs had disappeared from the property. What they did find was no less than horrifying.

The floors were slathered in feces and urine. There was a female bulldog in an unventilated kennel that was having trouble breathing. It was unable to stand or walk. By the time it arrived at the veterinary clinic for care, the bulldog was already dead.

Three of the other dogs tested positive for parasites. Others had respiratory, ear, and eye infections that were treatable with routine veterinary care.

The owner was charged with one gross misdemeanor and six misdemeanors for the neglect..." More

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