Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dozens Of Cats Seized From Orange City Home

For the second time in nine years, dozens of animals were confiscated from a home in Orange City.

Authorities said 59 cats were rescued, and all of them were underweight and living in their own waste.

Volusia County Animal Services responded to the home because the woman who lived there had been taken to a hospital on Tuesday. It was the paramedics who responded to that scene that said the cats were in trouble.

Animal Service experts only needed a brief look through the windows to know they would need a court order.

Rescue workers wore respirators as they rounded up the cats.

"There's a kitchen that's littered, literally, with all kids of trash, household trash, cat feces and cats everywhere," Volusia County Animal Services Director Becky Wilson said. "The refrigerator door is open. it's not on, but its got food decaying food in there, and there were actually cats sitting on the shelves ... in the refrigerator."

The same house received a visit in 2001. More than 35 cats, a few dogs and some turtles were rescued..." More & video

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