Thursday, June 3, 2010

Animals removed from Eatonville home due to unsafe conditions


Pierce County Animal Control officials served a search warrant this morning at an Eatonville home to remove more than 75 animals from unsafe conditions.

Officers have been monitoring the animals at this home in the 8700 block of 330th Street East for more than a year. The animals include miniature horses, large horses, goats, a guinea pig, two cats and at least 55 dogs.

Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson, who heads Pierce County Animal Services, is at the 7.5-acre property along with a state veterinarian and Pierce County Sheriff deputies.

They have begun to remove the dogs from the property. One of the owners of the dogs is assisting in the removal. The livestock are scheduled to be removed later today.

“We’ve had a watch on the property for a year,” said Anderson. “We’ve been monitoring the situation.”

She said they have been working with the owners to slowly reduce the number of animals, but that progress stopped and the living conditions for the animals deteriorated. “We ran out of patience,” Anderson said..." More

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Too many animals says the Pierce County Animal Control. Officials took more than 75 animals from an Eatonville residence Thursday. They say the animals were found living inside a barn, cars, mini-vans and trucks. Even mini horses were living in the house..." More

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