Sunday, June 6, 2010

Act of kindness endangers animals, owners

By Bob Hallmark

Animal rescue workers say it is another case of animal hoarding. Almost 80 animals were rescued from a Wood County home. Friday morning at the 900 block of County Road 3420, Wood County sheriffs along with the Humane Society made the recovery.

Neighbors had complained for months about a foul stench and dozens of cats seen at the home.

"We've given warning after warning after warning," said Deputy Authur Judge, with the Wood County Sheriff's Office. "We've been dealing with this situation off and on at this residence since October of last year and the concerns had reached the point where something had to be done."

More than 20 cats were found outside and another 50 inside the double wide trailer, along with six dogs.

"She (the owner) really did feel that she was trying to help these cats," said Tammy Roberts, with the Humane Society of North Texas. "Usually, in these cases it tends to harm them more than help them."

Sheriff's deputies say the problem had become a neighborhood health concern..." More & video

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Animals Away said...

These stories always tend to shock me, I just can't get a handle around the idea that these people feel as though they are helping these animals. I guess hoarding comes in all shapes and sizes, but why do poor animals have to suffer?