Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woman hides secret beneath piles of items

One woman is so ashamed of the secret she's hiding in her house, she's kept most everyone out for years.

She's a hoarder.

She's giving Fox 41 News a look inside her house and her life because she's desperate for help.

A hoarder so ashamed, she doesn't want to reveal her identity. We'll call her "Sue".

To get through "Sue's" room, you have to navigate past piles and piles of clothes. Books, boxes and papers litter the bed leaving a small space for sleeping.

"It's been this bad probably for the last couple of years," said "Sue".

Getting upstairs is like weaving your way through an obstacle course and ending in a dumping ground.

Bedrooms piled high with so much stuff, you can hardly step into them, much less fit a bed inside.

"I cannot tell you how this happened. I really cannot tell you how it got so out of control. I really can't," said "Sue"..." More & video