Sunday, November 1, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Pet Safety and Protection Act 2009

Call your legislators and urge them to
support and cosponsor

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) urges you to call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to support the The U.S. Pet Safety and Protection Act (S. 1834/H.R. 3907), which was reintroduced on October 21, 2009 by Senator Daniel K. Akaka (D-Hawaii). The legislation is also cosponsored by Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine), Frank Lautenberg (D-New Jersey), Carl Levin (D-Michigan), and Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey). The PSPA 2009 amends the Animal Welfare Act and prohibits Class B Dealersand unlicensed individuals from selling dogs and cats to research laboratories.

"We must stop stray and stolen dogs and cats from being illegally sold to research facilities," said Senator Akaka. "It will end the fraudulent and unethical practices of certain dealers and the unnecessary suffering of dogs and cats in their care."

LCA have been pushing for the passage of the Pet Safety and Protection Act (PSPA)since 1997! Class B Dealers are people who collect dogs and cats to sell to the research industry. They often acquire these animals through illegal and unethical means, such as responding to "free-to-good-home" ad in newspapers, falsifying records to keep the true origins of the animals unknown, and stealing pets kept outside in yards. Class B Dealers also buy animals in bulk from "bunchers" whose methods are even more questionable. Eliminating Class B Dealers will also remove the profit motive of bunchers, providing a much needed safety net to ensure that beloved pets are not stolen or obtained under false pretences and sold to facilities that test on animals. The PSPA would prevent dogs and cats from being sold to research facilities by Class B dealers.

lab dog

When the PSPA passed in both the House and Senate as amendments in their respective 2007 Farm Bills, it was also known as "Buck's Bill." Unfortunately, it was excluded in the final version of the 2008 Farm Bill. The PSPA (a.k.a. "Buck's Bill), was originally introduced as a direct response to LCA's undercover investigations of Class B Dealers. Buck was one of the many animals rescued by LCA during the 2003 raid of the nation's most notorious Class B dealer, C.C. Baird. Buck was very ill on the day of his rescue, struggling with stage 3 heartworm disease, rocky mountain spotted fever and parasitic pneumonia. Buck spent 7 months at a vet clinic before he was able to be moved to a foster family. Buck died in foster care, succumbing to the abuse he suffered at the hands of C.C. Baird. All who knew Buck fell in love with him. May we never forget him.


The National Academies' Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR) advises the federal government on issues related to animals used in research. On May 29, 2009, they released their report entitled "Scientific and Humane Issues in the Use of Random-Source Dogs and Cats in Research." This report finds that it is not necessary to obtain animals from Class B dealers for National Institute of Health research. All members of the National Academy of Sciences committee viewed LCA's HBO film "Dealing Dogs" as part of their deliberations, and LCA is recognized on page 76 of this report.

Please contact your senators and representatives, urging them to support and cosponsor the Pet Safety and Protection Act (PSPA).

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