Monday, November 9, 2009

35 dogs removed from Cornelia home

By Ricky Shaw

Animal control officers removed 21 dogs of various sizes and ages from the inside of a house and another 14 from the yard of a Cornelia residence Wednesday.

The home belongs to an elderly lady who currently is hospitalized. A neighbor contacted animal control concerned about the animals.

At the time it was not known how many animals were inside the house or the condition of the residence.

When officers arrived, they found and captured eight dogs running loose outside, found six more in an enclosed, gated backyard and 21 inside in deplorable conditions.

"The dogs themselves are not in horrible health and we are not seeing any major problems - it is just that they have been closed up inside the house without food or water for several days," said animal control officer Brandon Brown. "Most will probably be adoptable."

When officers entered the house, they found dogs everywhere, feces and urine throughout the house and also discovered one dead cat and several other cats running loose...." More

Animal control officers Brandon Brown, left, and Dan Liles bring a litter of puppies out of a Cornelia home Wednesday morning. Inset photo: Small dogs crowd the kitchen of a Cornelia home before being caught by animal control officers Wednesday morning. RICKY SHAW/Staff