Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hoarding: A dirty little secret

Sara Welch

Hartford (WTNH) - News Channel 8 went inside the home of a hoarder to find out more about the disorder that affects one in 20 Americans.

On the outside, Kathleen Welch's home looks like any of the other condos in her Newington neighborhood.

"OK, when you walk, be careful," Welch said as our cameras entered her condo. "Watch your step, there's only a little path."

Inside, was a secret that Welch had been keeping.

"I didn't want anyone in here. For me to let you in is big for me," she said.

Stacks of boxes, furniture, piles of clothes and even items that Kathleen doesn't even use are strewn about.

"Here's a Christmas tree - I don't even celebrate Christmas," she said. "I even have my first cell phone over here, which I'm not sure why I kept that."

When she couldn't find things, she'd just buy new ones. The clutter consumes nearly every room in her house, consuming her with feelings of frustration and anxiety..." More & video