Friday, November 27, 2009

79 dogs removed from home, euthanized

79 dogs removed from home, euthanized


SUMMERFIELD -- Seventy-nine dogs removed from a double-wide mobile home in Summerfield on Tuesday have been euthanized.

A spokeswoman with Marion County animal control said personnel had worked throughout the night to clean the cocker spaniel and Chihuahua mix dogs and assess their health, in hopes of putting them up for adoption.

The dogs were dirty, unkempt and had badly matted fur.

But workers discovered the animals had the highly contagious and dangerous virus, canine parvovirus.

The animals had to be put to sleep.

Elaine DeIorio, Animal Program coordinator, said the incident was a perfect example of why dogs need to be vaccinated, neutered or spayed.

"This didn't have to spiral out of control, it didn't have to be a sad story," Delorio said. "It could have had a happy ending."

The dogs' 54-year-old owner, Christine Watson, told animal control officials she had been overwhelmed with the number of animals and could no longer care for all of them. More