Wednesday, November 11, 2009

115 pedigree cats removed from Pa. home


by David Henry

A woman is being charged with animal hoarding after officials found 115 pedigree cats inside her home.

Authorities were at the home of Jean Coady in the 2000 block of Berkly Road on Wednesday.

They brought out the 115 cats, along with two dogs. The Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society (PALS) said it obtained access to the animals in August in what a Delaware County SPCA investigator described as a "hoarder situation."

They were tipped off after Coady showed up at the Delaware County SPCA with a cat she wanted euthanized. It was in such deplorable shape, they investigated.

PALS said many of the animals suffered from parasites and skin problems, but the biggest problem was starvation. PALS took the most seriously ill cats out of the house during their August inspection, and at the time decided the rest could be temporarily cared for at the Coady home under their supervision.

But the neglect continued, authorities say, so they showed up on Wednesday to take all of the animals.

The PSPCA may file criminal charges depending on what turns up when the animals are examined by a vet. Four of the cats are in critical condition..." More