Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Repost: Animal Hoarding (good intentions gone bad)


This problem is so sad not only for the animals involved but also for the people who take in the animals with good intentions and then it grows out of hand. Animal hoarders are everywhere in any town and we have had a few close to home. "Animal Planet" has done shows where aspca of nyc go in and remove dog and cats from a hoarders home. These shows were very hard to watch, the pain and suffering of the animals was very emotional to watch

It affects People, Animals and the Community

Animal hoarding is now recognized as a mental illness. Animal hoarding is more common than many people realize. Animal collectors tend to live in isolation and seclusion to keep their secret safe. Cat hoarders are more common than Dog hoarders, simply because cats are smaller and easier to keep in smaller spaces. There are more small dog hoarders than large dog hoarders for the same reason. However, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund dog hoarding and animal collecting affects an estimated 250,000 animals annually and the number of reported cased has more than doubled in the last 4 years. When a case breaks, it is typically featured on the nightly news because of the horrors that are found and the impact it has on the community..." More