Saturday, November 28, 2009

Puppy mill laws poised for enactment


When Tim and Tara Eichman first laid eyes on Archie, a Lhasapoo rescued from Puppy Haven Kennel in Green Lake County last year, they saw one ugly, sick puppy.

But, dog lovers that they are, they looked past his unattractive exterior and recognized a diamond in the rough. He was covered in a tangle of urine and feces-matted fur run amuck. And once the fur was shaved off, things weren't much better. Archie had gross sores on his puny limbs. He was malnourished and had intestinal worms along with myriad other health problems.

"He was not the kind of dog you'd walk past and say, 'Aw, isn't he cute?'" Tara Eichman said.

Photos: View a gallery of Archie, a puppy mill dog now in a loving home

It took months of TLC but now Archie is sleek and happy and ruling the roost at the Eichman home.

"It took four or five months for him to heal up, get his fur back and for us to fatten him up. For a while we were the only ones who would pet him," Tim said.

On Tuesday afternoon Archie greeted guests and wagged his tail wildly as he lapped up affection from a pair a visitors at the Eichmans' Oshkosh home. The household is a whir of activity most days with baby son Ethan and three dogs – Archie, a pit bull named Maggie and a black lab mix named Sascha..." More