Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scores of animals seized following complaints

By Lisa Rogers

Several dogs, cats and chickens and more than 100 birds were seized Tuesday afternoon at a house in East Gadsden after Gadsden’s animal control officers responded to a complaint. At least 28 birds of various breeds and three chickens were dead.

Someone complained about the smell of animal feces, which prompted animal control officers to go to the house on North Eighth Street, off Elmwood Avenue, Gadsden Police Lt. Paul Cody said.
There were 19 dogs and five cats and about 106 birds. At least 28 birds were dead. Three dead chickens and one live chicken were found in the basement.
The live birds were parakeets, button quail, quaker, cockatiels and an Alexandria.
The smell of animal feces could be detected from the street. Eight almost hairless Schnauzers, apparently infected with mange, were huddled in the corner of a fenced, open carport-type area behind the house. Large amounts of dog feces were piled on the concrete floor.
Another nearby cage had Dachshunds and an unknown dog breed, also covered with feces, and a water tub full of maggots..."  More & photos

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