Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Humane Society enters cat hoarder home in Braham

by Paul Blume

Agents with the Animal Humane Society entered the home of a cat hoarding renter in Braham, Minn. on Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators were given the green light to go in and rescue the animals on Tuesday, and they pulled out a total of 17 cats and kittens. One kitten was dead.

On Monday, agents said they were hoping the renter would surrender about 20 cats while seeking mental health treatment instead of forcing law enforcement to go through the court system.

Diana Paro shares a wall with the alleged hoarder in the twin-home subdivision, and she's not shy about explaining her predicament.
"There are too many -- in feces and stuff," she said."Can't make it good for them."

At times, Paro says it gets so bad she can't even do laundry in her basement because of the seepage from next door.

"Me and my son gag," Paro told FOX 9 News. "Can't use the basement. Every time we want to wash clothes, I have to cover my mouth with towels to go down there."

Braham police declared the home uninhabitable on Monday..."  More & video

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