Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dozens of cats to be removed from Casco home

By John Balentine 

More than two dozen cats, some of them dead, were found in a Casco home last week.
The town is now working with the homeowner, who is cooperating with officials to help get the cats proper care and find them a new home.
Casco Town Manager David Morton said Tuesday the cats were reported by a neighbor who called 911 to report the overpopulation problem. 
A sheriff’s deputy arrived, noticed the door ajar and multiple cats inside and outside the residence. Morton said the property owner, whom he declined to identify, “is working in cooperation with the town and has surrendered the cats to the town and agreed to reimburse the town for the cost of removal, care and placement of the animals.”
Morton said the town was having trouble placing all the animals, some of which he said were “very dirty,” with area shelters filled. Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg, Casco’s contracted shelter, was at capacity and unable to accept the cats, Morton reported, and some of the healthier cats are still at the Burgess Road home. 
“Many of the animals have been removed and placed in appropriate facilities depending upon the level of care required,” Morton said. “Some shelters have been very good and opened up what little space they have and we’ve taken some of the animals to veterinary clinics and they’ve been very helpful.”..."  More

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