Tuesday, July 3, 2012

74 rabbits taken from alleged hoarder house


Porter County sheriff's police said on June 23, animal control officers went to a home in the 1400 block of Redwing Road after a neighbor reported rabbits living in unsanitary conditions.
After finding no answer at the door, officers spotted dozens of rabbit cages in the garage, each reportedly packed with animal waste and rabbits pressed against the top of their cages, with nowhere to move.
In all, 74 rabbits were removed from the garage. One later died, police said.
Porter County Sheriff's Department Chief Steve Lawrence said he expects formal charges to be filed against the owner early next week.
The owner reportedly told officers she was breeding rabbits for show and was the owner of a previous grand champion. She reportedly said she fell behind on cleaning but was getting ready to clean before the animals were removed.

Looking over the rabbits Friday afternoon, Animal Control Officer Patrick Cassin said when the county took possession of the rabbits, about 30 percent were missing fur from their hind legs.

"When we got him, his legs were bright, bright pink," he said while holding a white-and-black rabbit. "They're healing up pretty well. The issue is when they sit in their urine and feces, the fur gets scorched."

While most of the rabbits appear in good condition and are playing with frozen water bottles and noshing on fresh hay, apples and carrots, some are suffering from respiratory problems and are staying in foster care, Cassin said...."  More

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