Tuesday, July 3, 2012

50+ feral cats taken from repeat hoarder in Kansas City

by: Darath Smith

KC Pet Project (KCPP) in Kansas City prepares for the coming storm that tomorrow will bring. Don't be quick to think that we have a cooling front on the way, we aren't so lucky. Unfortunately, June 29th will be a scorcher that will bring over 50 feral cats to KCPP. The cats, ranging in age, are being seized from a repeat "hoarder". Sadly, most of the cats are believed to be feral, un-socialized and potentially, un-adoptable.

KCPP plans to bring the cats in to the shelter (trap), provide necessary vaccinations and altering (neuter) and then move them to outdoor homes across the state (return). TNR (trap, neuter, return) is becoming a very popular and important aspect of animal rescue and population control when it comes to cats. By trapping, altering and returning them, KCPP can keep euthanasia numbers down...."  More

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