Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eric Jandt / Photini Varkonyi - Illinois

July 26, 2012:  A look inside the home of Berwyn’s latest animal hoarding case

The residents of another hoarding house in Berwyn made a cry for help before they were charged with putting their 17-year-old daughter’s life in danger.
In signed statements to detectives, homeowners Eric Jandt, 41, and Photini Varkonyi, 50, said they knew their house was in terrible condition, but felt powerless to stop it.
“I have always been worried this day was going to happen ... .,” Jandt wrote. “The problem is that my house has gotten so bad that every time I began a project or attempted to clean, nothing has been accomplished.”
According to a Freedom of Information Act request, police records dating back two years show no calls to their home in the 3100 block of East Avenue prior to the July 9 discovery that their house was overrun with animals and squalid living conditions..."  More

July 9, 2012:  Authorities Remove 33 Cats, 3 Dogs From Berwyn Home

Authorities removed 33 cats and three dogs from a Berwyn home Monday after investigating a complaint from a tipster.
The residence at 31st and East previously had fallen afoul of city codes for its unkempt exterior, Fire Chief Denis O’Halloran told reporters. After officials were granted access inside Monday, they found “deplorable conditions” that included signs of animal hoarding and pet feces. Police tape cordoned off the property Monday.
The occupants were a man and woman in their 40s and a female juvenile. The home will need to be cleaned before it can be occupied, O’Halloran said.

“Our first concern was for the juvenile in the building,” the fire chief said.
The animals were in good condition and were taken to an animal shelter in Cicero..."  More & video

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