Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taxpayers may have to foot the bill for some good intentioned animal lovers

Reporter: Amanda Perez

BELVEDERE, S.C.---Animal Control has seized dozens of cats and several dogs from one Aiken County woman's home. Officials say, may times, taxpayers end up absorbing the costs if homeowners can't pay the fees.

Earlier this week, animal control says more than 70 cats and five dogs were taken from a home on Audobon Circle. This is not the homeowners' first run-in with the law over animal issues. Sandy Larsen works with Animal Control and understands people's love for animals. "Their heart is in the right place because there's so many stray animal," she says. But with 16 years at the Aiken Animal Shelter, she says the biggest problem she's seen is many people who bring in stray cats don't get them neutered. Strays can quickly multiply, and the Shelter has limited space and a limited budget. "If one animal gets an upper respiratory then it's airborne and another animal will get it. If they are sick, we are unable to take them because of the contagiousness. We could have an epidemic here at the shelter.".." More

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