Saturday, April 23, 2011


nimal Advocates of Arizona is pleased to present the 2011 C.A.R.E. CONFERENCE: Inside the World of Animal Hoarding.

Join Animal Advocates at
Noah's of Chandler to hear their special panel of speakers discussing this growing crisis and learn how we can all help the defenseless victims of animal hoarding: the animals.

  • Gain a deeper knowledge base about this growing and tragic phenomenon.
  • Get answers directly from law enforcement and prosecution sectors.
  • Delve into the workings of investigations & subsequent rescue of animal victims reported as being severely neglected, malnourished & in desperate need of vet care.
  • Receive resources available to the community on what it takes to report an animal hoarding incident.

The conference will be moderated by Roger Baker of Animal Advocacy. Its distinguished panel of speakers includes Kari Nienstedt, the Arizona State Director of The Humane Society of the United States, who played an integral part in the
Witch Wells, Arizona, effort where 200+ animals were taken into rescue from one property.

“Animals kept in hoarding situations typically live in deplorable conditions and suffer extreme neglect, including from lack of food and proper veterinary care,” Nienstedt said. “Animal hoarding is recognized as a mental health issue. Continued law enforcement oversight, and psychological intervention when possible, should be part of any plan to address a hoarding situation."..." More

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