Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fort Worth Humane Society Burdened by 79 Seized Snakes

The Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) is stuck with dozens of snakes that it says it can't afford to take care of. So, it's asking for the community's help.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office seized 79 snakes as part of an animal abuse case in east Texas. It says they were raised by David Beauchemin, a fugitive snake breeder from Louisiana. He is currently being held in the Wood County Jail.

Deputies found the snakes severly dehydrated and malnourished last week. Now, they're in Fort Worth, until the breeder has his day in court.

"It seems like problems with exotic animals are on the rise," said Tammy Hawley, the operations director at HSNT.
In a room built for housing exotic animals, HSNT is full of more snakes than it's ever had. Staff are still shaking their heads in disbelief..."

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Bailey said...

Sadly even people that get them as pets don't always understand the long-term commitments and the challenges. If you don't own your own home snakes can make finding an apartment more challenging. When you do find one it can come with pet fees. This can result in the animals being shifted to new owners who if not stable can also hit the same wall.

I recently had a family member go through this when trying to "rescue" a pet from a friend only to find it needing rescuing when it could not move to the next apartment.