Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pet shop owner charged with cruelty, diseased animals seized

WAPPINGERS FALLS – Armed with a search warrant, Dutchess County SPCA humane law officers Monday arrested the owner and an employee of Puppies and Kittens pet store in Wappingers Falls and seized 10 unhealthy puppies.

This arrest comes almost a month after SPCA officers seized an 11-week-old Yorkshire Terrier from the same store.

In February, officers executed a search warrant in Pet Fashions pet store in the Poughkeepsie Galleria and seized seven unhealthy puppies, charging the owner and employees of that store with 66 counts of similar charges, some felonies..."


Calina Jane said...

It contains the Animal Hoarding News & Info. This is the Pet shop owner charged with cruelty, diseased animals seized. Blog that gives the useful knowledge of update on animal hoarding and large scale animal news.

gia said...

Dear Calina,
I am a bit unclear about your comment. I assume you are questioning why I added this article to a blog on Hoarding when it involved a Pet Store. In my opinion, this is would appear to be a hoarding situation. Take out "Pet Store" and this could match several similar stories in homes or that of backyard breeders.
Therefore, I included it. I hope that answers your statement.