Thursday, April 28, 2011

Special Report: Hoarding In Iowa, Part I

Researchers said hoarding affects 2 million Americans, and Iowa is not immune to the problem.

The gatherings, the garbage and the guilt accumulates.

Tina, a Des Moines resident requesting anonymity, said her mother has for years battled an irresistible urge to collect.

"I can see it, I can smell it. There's an issue. But to her, there is no issue. That's the way she lives," said Tina. "It got so bad, she was spending her entire paycheck on stuff."

The city of Des Moines is now battling the problem full time.

Ben Bishop is the administrator of Des Moines' Neighborhood Inspection Division.

"They know they have an issue, but they're afraid to get help. They're comfortable with the way their life is, and they don't want it interrupted," said Bishop. "We've seen stuff virtually counter-high in the kitchen. And the whole house is full of garbage and feces and junk."..." More & video

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