Thursday, April 28, 2011

Animals Seized In Hoarding Case Up For Adoption

Residents in Marion County have the chance to adopt dozens of different kinds of animals Thursday afternoon. Animal Services found nearly 50 animals, including goats and donkeys, in February living in horrid conditions in Dunnellon.

AT THE SCENE: Images Of Rescued Animals
DONATE: Marion County Animal Center

The animals were rescued from an RV and a van.

People were lining up for the animals Thursday. Some people had been at the Marion County Animal Center (see map) since 7:00am, adopting goats, donkeys, dogs and cats.

Police said their previous owners, 67-year-old Penelope Walker and her 44-year-old daughter, Gina Walker, were hoarding them; the animals were living in deplorable conditions and in their own filth. They were emaciated and had matted fur.

There were 12 dead animals in the RV. One dog was so sick that it had to be put down..." More

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