Monday, April 18, 2011

SPCA Intervention Program To Help Prevent Animal Hoarding

by Patrick Moussignac

TONAWANDA, NY - We are learning more about the two cases involving animal hoarding this week in Erie County. The SPCA of Erie County is spreading the message about its little known intervention program aimed at preventing these problems from happening.

This week alone, officers from the SPCA seized well over 300 animals from two homes in Erie County. Two hundred cats were pulled from a home on Scherff Road in Orchard Park on Monday.

Over 100 cats, dogs, chickens, and geese from a home on Allen Street in East Concord..

...Ever since animal hoarding has become more of a problem the SPCA is now getting the word out about it's "Intervention Program." Browning tells us, "We rely on calls from these family members. From loved ones even if they need to call us anonymously to say hey I have a family member, I have a friend who is in a situation I think this situation is escalating out of his or her control. Can you help?"

Browning says the moment a person accepts the intervention, help comes immediately.

"The SPCA can often help re-home healthy animals, and can often help if the person is willing to surrender ill animals." Browning went on to say, "we can help with the ill animals. We can help find them resources to clean up the property.".." More

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