Monday, April 25, 2011

Animal cruelty investigators rescue 7 puppies

Laura Sharp

On April 21, Animal Cruelty Investigators from the Blount County Humane Society responded to a call from a small neighborhood in Walland, TN. Neighbors reported that there were several dogs running loose in the woods and on a nearby property. When investigators arrived along with law enforcement officers, they discovered 15-18 dogs, including three or four pregnant females plus seven puppies. Most of the dogs are black Labrador Retrievers. Some of the dogs are yellow Labs and others are mixed-perhaps from inbreeding.

Investigators believe that this is a case of animal hoarding/breeding. Investigators found that the owners abandoned the property and left the dogs. There are two mobile homes on the property. One home appears to have been used to keep the dogs inside and is filled with animal feces and filth. It has severe damage inside from what appears to be the animals' attempts to escape. The floors in the other home are also covered with animal feces and filth. The dogs had sought shelter underneath the trailers.." More

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