Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mary Port - St. Johns, Arizona

Apr 28, 2011: Judge takes animals from hoarder

APACHE COUNTY - It took two months to organize the rescue of 230 animals on March 23 and it's taken another month to decide the fate of those animals.

After a day-long hearing, April 15, Judge Butch Gunnels issued his ruling on Monday, April 18. "...the State has met the burden of proof ... all animals seized that belong to Mary Port (will) be forfeited," said the order.

A delay in the hearing resulted from the defendant's search for an attorney to represent her.

Michael Penrod from the Wood Law Office represented Port and Allan Perkins was the prosecutor from the County Attorney's Office.

Sgt. Lance Spivey from the Sheriff's Office was the investigating officer and a witness for the State along with Adam Parascandola, Director of Animal Cruelty Issues for the Humane Society of the United States, and veterinarian Dr. Abby Reidhead.

The witnesses were all present at the rescue operation that took two days to remove the 201 dogs, 26 cats, two geese and one pig. They testified to the conditions found at the 40-acre property in Witch Well Ranches north of St. Johns..." More

Apr 22, 2011: 229 pets seized from Simla animal rescuer who moved to Arizona

Eighty-one pets that were rescued from an Arizona animal hoarder arrived in Denver early this morning.

On March 23, 200 dogs, 26 cats, two geese and one pig were removed from an 40-acre property in eastern Arizona, according to a news release from the Dumb Friends League.

The Humane Society of the United States helped the Apache County Sheriff's Department remove the animals from the property.

Most of the dogs removed from the property are hounds, shepherds, husky and retrievers. The dogs were living in dilapidated outdoor pens filled with feces. Several dogs had open wounds, mange, malnourishment and dirty matted coats.

All the animals were taken to an emergency shelter in St. Johns, Ariz., where they treated by veterinarians.

Investigators learned that the animals' owner, Mary Port, 86, previously lived in Simla and ran the Colorado Animal Refuge. She now faces animal cruelty charges.

Port left Colorado after she was issued a cease and desist order, demanding that she provide proper care and sanitary living conditions for the animals on her property..." More

Mar 24, 2011: Hundreds of pets rescued in St. Johns as owner faces animal hoarding

by Alicia E. BarrĂ³n

ST. JOHNS, Ariz. – Apache County sheriff's deputies arrested an elderly woman and two men for alleged animal cruelty and animal hoarding in eastern Ar

Approximately 200 dogs, 50 cats and several chickens, ducks and pigs were rescued from a 40-acre property in Witch Wells near St. Johns on Wednesday afternoon.

The woman arrested, identified as 86-year-old Mary Port, is reportedly a repeat offender. Investigators say she had similar problems with the law when she lived in Colorado before moving to Arizona.

The Humane Society of the United States and United Animal Nations have built a temporary shelter for the dozens of animals roaming the property.

Some animals were loose while others were in crowded and dirty pens. There was no food or water available to the animals.

Some animals were underweight and had skin problems, among other ailments.

Investigators say that as Port was being arrested she told them the animals were her life.

Port is being held in Apache County and faces charges of animal cruelty and neglect.

Two men who were on the property at the time the search warrant was served were also taken into custody. They have been identified as Joshua Davis, 49, and Wayne Miller, 53..."


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness its over..I'm her neighbor...EVERYONE KNEW about her for YEARS...think how many animals suffered all that time...No mention of the babboon she had in a cage outside...probably froze to death...glad I sent that email & made a phone call! said...

So glad they are safe now...Mary is misguided...she meant well but it got out of hand...She should have gotten help LONG AGO, and so should those poor animals that suffered & died..I have to wonder WHY nothing was done when EVERYONE knew about it.????????

Firemun said...

Mary is a kind person the media is always out to get someone and to the neighbor that finaly called you should be ashmed that you didn't call for help along time ago when you seen the problem mounting. she had a problem and needed help and you are as guilty as her for just sitting there gossiping to all of the others around you... "I'm glad I made the call" patt yoursself on the back!! You should have called along time ago!!! Karma sucks!!! I sure hope Mary gets help... she was a great woman that spent her own millions from an inheritance on the animals and not to many helped her when she needed help GOOD Neighbors she has!!! May God Bless her and the animals that she tried to help!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some have defended Ms Port for supposedly running a rescue sanctuary. But let me tell you, we have one of the dogs that the authorities did not have to euthanize, and this poor animal has been so badly traumatized that she is afraid of her own shadow. She hides in her kennel day and night. She will eat when given food, but not in front of us. To get her to go outside for her to eliminate, we have to crawl into her cage, clip on her leash, and coax and pull her out the door. She slowly seems to be getting better, but believe, Ms Port did not do these animals any favors by keeping them in the horrible conditions that some called a sanctuary. I doubt that she will ever be normal, but we hope that she will someday just get to the point that she can trust us to take care of her!

Anonymous said...

I knew Mary Port when she was south of Simla...she should have gone to jail then...watching animals starve die of thirst is not being a good human...she did it all for her own self justification....she fed herself before the animals she took in and in some cases probably stole so that she could promote her own story...glad she is finally in jail.

Anonymous said...

Well all you people critizing her, its not what you think yah it did get out of hand n I feel bad for the animals that suffered but in stead of saying she got what she deserved, she cared for every animal she had I lived with her when I was a younger women n she had helpers n she cared for them.... n none of her niehgbors helped her some nieghbors I agree...