Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Watermelon Mountain Ranch rescues dogs from animal hoarder


It did not take a dog whisperer to know Weasel was scared.

The golden retriever-mix was timid and hiding in the back of his cage. But given Weasel's story, it's easy to see why the dog was frightened.

Weasel is one of 15 dogs rescued from an animal hoarder in New Mexico earlier this year and being placed at Watermelon Mountain Ranch. On Tuesday, five dogs, including Weasel, were brought to the ranch by Stray Heart, an animal shelter in Taos.

"They simply didn't have room," said Michael Howland-Davis of Watermelon Mountain Ranch. "It was a matter of space and the dogs had been there for a long time and they hadn't been able to get them adopted. We didn't want to see these dogs put down."

On Oct. 15 the ranch took in seven dogs that were removed from the hoarder and will take three more in November. The rescuing of the dogs was done in partnership with an Animal Planet show about animal hoarders..." More

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