Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pierce County rescue hoarder exposed. Dozens of animals in dire need of rescue.

by Patti Angeliz Mauldin

It all started simply enough. A rumor that someone was in need of assistance has now become a call to arms for rescues in Washington and Oregon to help save up to 40 dogs and 15 cats which were discovered on a hoarders property in rural Pierce County.

On Wednesday, Ozzy Bear, a heavily matted nearly blind, Austrailian Shepherd senior was discovered living in filth and debris strewn across 5 acres of farmland south of Tacoma, Washington. Ozzy Bear was covered with feces and urine and with such a distinctive aroma of hoarding that he could literally be smelled 10 ft away. Released to a local rescue Ozzy has now become the poster dog for this rescue operation..." More

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