Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Former Koss Executive Who Stole $34 Million Says She Was 'Hoarding"

By: Brendan Conway

Sue Sachdeva Asks For Lighter Sentence

While federal prosecutors aim to put her away for decades, Sue Sachdeva is hoping to only spend about five years in prison.

Sachdeva, a former executive at Koss Corporation, admits stealing $34 million from the Milwaukee headphone maker, but she blames it on mental illness.

In a letter to the Judge Lynn Adelman obtained by 12 News, Sachdeva claims to have a mental disease that causes "compulsive shopping."

She told the judge the majority of her multi-million dollar shopping sprees were spent on "expensive clothing, jewelry and accessories that she never wore."

She said it "was not selfishness; it was hoarding."

Koss Corp. attorney Michael Avenatti, said Sachdeva should spend 15 to 20 years behind bars, the same sentence federal prosecutors are recommending..." More & video

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