Monday, November 1, 2010

179 Chihuahuas, other animals seized from Marion home

Tuesday night, Marion police seized 179 dogs and several exotic animals from a home on Allen Drive in Marion.

At this point, no charges have been filed against the 47-year-old woman. Police are researching the laws to determine what if any charges will be filed.

We were able to get video of three of 179 chihuahuas police seized from the woman's home Tuesday night. They are being cared for at the Marion County animal shelter - run by Paws to the Rescue.

Police say the owner fed the dogs 5 pounds of hamburger meat and 10 pounds of pasta each day.

The dogs do have medical conditions, like crooked legs, due to inbreeding.

Shelter volunteer Jennifer Nall says all the dogs will have to be checked out by a veterinarian. "All the dogs will need vaccinations and worming and heartworm tests for the adults. Then the other dogs- the ones that have the leg problems. There are also dogs that have mange. So many of them will need veterinary care."

City officials condemned the owner's house on Allen Drive in Marion. The house was full of feces, and although police said the woman did her best to care for the animals, the conditions were deplorable.

Police tell us there are no ordinances against animal hoarding in Marion, so they not sure if she should be charged. They are researching different state laws to see if any apply.

Marion police say an officer discovered the dogs while doing a welfare check on the owner. An officer on the force recently heard the woman inside yelling at the dogs, but thought there were only a few on the property. When he returned Tuesday night to check on the woman, he learned the situation was much worse.

The dogs range in age from two weeks to 12 years old. Ten of them are pregnant..." More & video

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