Monday, November 15, 2010

ALDF: Clay County's Cruelty

by Matthew Liebman

What should be a place of refuge for homeless animals is more like a filthy prison. That's why an outraged citizen is filing a lawsuit against Clay County, Kentucky today, taking the county to task for extreme neglect of animals at the county’s shelter, neglect that violates Kentucky’s Humane Shelter Law.

Clay County’s “shelter” is a woefully inadequate facility where many, if not most, of the dogs are housed in one large, open-air pen that does not protect them from the elements. Stray and abandoned cats fare no better; nearly all of the cats have serious upper respiratory infections. None of these sick or injured animals have received any veterinary care whatsoever, and they are often left to languish in their cages until they die or are euthanized.

Please help by signing ALDF's petition to Governor Steve Beshear asking him to step in and end the suffering of all innocent animals in Kentucky by pressing the legislature to act and have the state take back responsibility for oversight of these shelters..." More & photos

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