Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deputies rescue scores of dogs from private shelter

by Billy Wolfe

Nearly 80 dogs have found refuge at the Boone County Fairground horse stables after being rescued from what witnesses are calling "atrocious" conditions at a privately run animal shelter.

But the owner of that shelter, 53-year-old Trish Bragg, said the animals were being cared for and that there was no reason for the seizure.

Boone County sheriff's deputies said they rescued 78 dogs, which are now in the care of the Humane Society of the United States and the sheriff's department.

The animals also are being treated to a large donation from national pet supply retailer PetSmart.

The dogs, as well as about 20-30 cats, were discovered earlier this week at Safe Haven Animal Rescue Effort, a private animal shelter that was being operated in a former school building in Ottawa, W.Va.

But contrary to its name, officials said, the shelter was no sanctuary for the animals.

Sheriff Rodney Miller said deputies discovered the animals in squalid conditions. Many were starving and all were living in their own excrement, he said..." More

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