Friday, November 26, 2010

Rescued dog needs special home

Cookie, a 6-year-old Kuvasz, was rescued from a Reddick farm in April

By Ann Sperring

Cookie has spent six years waiting for a life free of neglect, hunger and pain. Solitude and mistreatment have left her with scars much deeper than those from having her leg amputated. Robbed of a dog's innate trust of humans, Cookie, a Kuvasz, is a big, beautiful dog reduced to hiding in the back of the cage that is currently her home.

Her odyssey from a rescue dog to potential adoptee has left her with a list of special needs, according to Elaine DeIorio of Marion County Animal Services.

"Cookie was among the more than 350 animals we seized due to malnourishment and mistreatment in April from a farm in Reddick," DeIorio said. "She has developed a fear-based set of behaviors arising from the traumas she has endured. The dog experienced so much in terms of isolation, malnourishment and pain that she became mentally and emotionally withdrawn.

"We have treated her physical needs to relieve the pain, but what she needs now is beyond our abilities to address in a shelter environment."..." More

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